Travel, It’s Worth It

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac


It’s that time of the year where we get our passports ready, take days off our busy schedules and kick back and enjoy the festive season. Over the last month or so, I’m sure you’ve invested in a great pair of sneakers, a new golf set, a nice handbag, or a bomb hairstyle that you’ve been wanting to get that you will soon forget about. You probably also have been wanting to plan a trip but said you “didn’t have the money” to do it.
Well, your money probably went to those popping shoes you couldn’t resist, that to die for handbag you just had to have or that hairstyle that you thought would look so good on you. The truth is, all of those things expire at some point in life. However, when you travel, those memories and experiences you make will last a lifetime. Trust me, travelling is worth the investment!

Many people have always talked about how bad they want to make travelling the world a continuous “thing”, but have never done it. So, this coming year, set a goal for yourself to travel to at least five countries before December so that you could create memories that you will hold onto forever.

Here are my top 4 reasons why travelling is worth the investment:

Travelling allows you to make memories– Traveling cuts out your daily routine of work, school, and whatever else you have to do. When you travel to a different place that is different from where you live, you get to experience other things that you wouldn’t at home that you will never forget.

Travelling gives you a new appreciation– When you start to travel to different countries especially countries where people are less fortunate than you, you begin to appreciate your life a little more and the things that you do have. The things that you don’t have become small problems.

Allows you to learn cultures and be educated– The world has different cultures that are filled with exciting beliefs, morals, and values. One of the greatest things you get from travelling is to embrace another culture and see the world through the eyes of another while learning great life lessons.

Forces you out of your comfort zone– When you don’t take risks you never really reach your full potential. Travelling abroad will send you into a ton of uncomfortable situations. It forces you to meet new people with completely different lifestyles and cultures, and also navigate through a place where you don’t speak the same language.

So what’s stopping you from travelling again?… I challenge you to pick a country that you’ve always wanted to visit and book a trip before the end of the year and share with us your journey in the comments section.