So How Do I Lead Myself?

“God has given me a gift…only one… I’m the most complete fighter in the world”  – Scott Adkins


I love seeing people win.

I love it so much.

When we work together in such a way that sees new layers of understanding take place. When the depth of self-awareness serves the discipline of self-leadership that leads to the delight of outcomes to be proud of, that gets me out of bed. I’m all about becoming better, becoming a better friend, a better employee, a better employer, a better manager, a better son, a better father, a better everything, not perfect but better.

There are questions that you need to ask yourself and be truthful about where you want to be in life and how you are going to get there. The most effective way is to look into yourself first before looking at the people around you.

I have come up with these questions and they are in the first person to help you get grounded immediately.

HEART – Your Self

Am I at peace? WHY? Peace is a possession of your soul that helps you make every and any kind of decision.

How do I describe my ability to manage my emotions right now? WHY? Becoming self-aware of what ‘pushes your buttons’ helps you navigate maturity, discipline and change.

Am I holding any offence, revenge or unforgiveness towards anyone? WHY? You can’t celebrate someone you harbour offence towards, plus they will always have a hold on you that you approve.

Am I finding joy in meaningful life experiences? WHY? Similar to peace, joy is something you possess and its absence reveals an inability to delight in your ordinary life.

HEAD – Your Mindset

When people approve and affirm me, what is the dominant narrative in my head? WHY? You move toward, and become your most dominant thoughts. You are what you think.

Is my attention and energy focused predominantly on me or others? WHY? People get tired when you make it all about you… Ndapedza (Enough said).

Am I tolerating any unresourceful patterns of thinking right now? WHY? We move toward what we focus on. You need your mindset to be taking you to a destiny you’d be happy to be.

How well am I balancing my unique strengths, superpowers and humility? WHY? You are world class at something, trust me, you are the Steph Curry of 3 pointers in your field, so please do that with all your heart. But avoid arrogance and hubris at all costs.

HANDS – Your Activity

What behaviours must I take full responsibility of? WHY? All change starts with taking responsibility. Simple and hard at the same time.

If I did nothing differently for 12 months would I be happy with where I ended up? WHY? Direction determines the destination. You are headed somewhere. Be excited and proud to be there.

What have I avoided for more than 10 days? WHY? Sabotage and procrastination are subtle and unresourceful beasts. Accountability helps.

Where do I notice myself to be motivated without assistance? WHY? Do what you would do for free so well people will pay you for it. Excellence and stewardship matter. Plato said, “The first and best victory is to work on yourself.”

What a fantastic beginning you’ve made!