The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Growth

“We can’t impose our will on a system. We can listen to what the system tells us, and discover how its properties and our values can work together to bring forth something much better than could ever be produced by our will alone.”  – Donella H. Meadows


First thing first, I have always believed that problems are tactical or strategic by design. With that said, I also believe you cannot then solve or attempt to solve a problem without some sort of system to your method.

Over the years I have reached a loose conclusion that as people we are wired to react to situations in 3 main ways. 1. physically 2. Emotionally/intellectually and 3. Spiritually.
Now, this may seem very vague but you will notice that each of the problems we face we have applied somewhat one or all of those ways to get a solution. Watch this, if you get attacked by someone smaller than you, instinct will tell you to fight back because you believe you may be physically superior to your problem.
You get attacked by a bigger person, instinct will tell you to run or seek refuge which is an intellectual solution, but when you get attacked by someone bigger and supposedly faster than you chances are you are going to seek some kind of spiritual help. There are problems which will have you trying to fight back, running and screaming or praying. Yes, I have done all three at some stage.

This has brought me to categorise life’s challenges into the same 3 brackets, you will meet physical problems, emotional or intellectual problems then you will face spiritual problems at some stage in your life.

1. Physical Problems – Most of these are age-based, there are challenges that confront you because now you are at a certain age in life. It’s like they were just waiting for you to mature then they get at you. A classic example is paying bills and taxes, you never worried about these when you were 5/6 years old but now that you are 16 or 21 they start “showing up”. These problems wear you out physically, they could include your health, the acne, the pimples, the drugs, the alcohol etc. These problems also target your finances, you start getting loans and getting yourself into debt.
Now for you to get out of this kind of problems you need to keep a close eye on your ‘resources’, so you watch what you eat, you exercise, you learn to budget and save your money, and start investing. Generally, you take care of your physical needs to the best of your abilities. A wise man once told me you don’t spend first then budget the rest, but you maintain a budget and invest first then spend. Furthermore, with regards to spending, think of these 5 words, DO I REALLY NEED THIS?

2. Emotional/Intellectual Problems – Now these are the sneaky ones, remember how you started learning about quadratic and simultaneous equations? yeah, me too. Here you confront problems in view of your level of consciousness and awareness or how “woke” you are. These target your internal wellbeing and your balance, the plan is to keep you unbalanced and off the rails. I am talking stress, depression, abuse, toxic and bad relationships. To overcome this kind of situations you need to learn to control your emotions and your appetites (the hard part), do not feed anything that will cause you to stumble. Do not keep things internalised that will harm you, abuse of any kind should be reported, stress and depression should be checked out. Failure to do this will result in you become a miserable unbalanced version of yourself.

3. Spiritual Problems – For many, the issue of spirituality is complex but from my Christian belief I have learned that spiritual problems are about death. The bible says the devil came to steal, to kill and to destroy and that is the mandate of all spiritual challenges. The idea is to make you degenerate or regress and die, these encompass the physical and the emotional side of things. You are put through a test where your fight is to sustain and increase the life in everything around you. I am talking about job loss, chronic illness such as cancer, disability, or substance abuse. The bible says that Jesus came to give life and life in abundance, so you need to speak abundant life into your situation. So you counter death with life, your attack mode will be consistent prayer based to drive out the enemy and then pursue them so as to reclaim ALL that they have taken from you.

Your desire to overcome these problem categories determines your growth trajectory and overall success. All of us feel pain, stress and fatigue at many levels of our lives but the successful people work through the pain. The reason is that the goal is greater than the pain.
What are your growth hacks, please leave us a comment and share with us your life successes.