The Evolve Or Die Manifesto

“They call every genius crazy” – Kanye West


The highway to the resident genius within you is a massively messy ride. The path to personal heroism and private elevation is confusing, uncomfortable and dangerous. And my loving (I really do love you) and deeply sincere suggestion to you is that, this way of living out the remainder of your life is the wisest and bravest decision you’ll ever make.

Your very legacy depends on this one choice. It does.

Not sure if I’m being super clear for you here, as I wish to be. So allow me to break it down to little bits. We live in a broken world that tries to make us conform to its brokenness:

1 –we flee our creativity and purpose through an addiction to escapism on our phones, mindless video games and following the days of people we don’t even know on the “social” media who only show you what they want you to see from their un-perfect lives; because we all have parts of our lives that are under construction.

2 –a person who fiercely protects their productivity, ferociously expresses their greatest talents and joyfully does work that serves many is considered weird or a show-off.

3 –someone who works really hard, shows up early, over-delivers on expectations, has good manners, sweats tiny details and keeps their promises is called strange.

4 –one who verbally appreciates people, smiles with radiant positivity and looks people in the eyes versus down at some device, wears their feelings on their sleeves and stands for a blinding love of humanity is considered a freak.

5 –an individual who dares to be an individual, soaks in their originality and pursues their own colourful vision of a glorious ambition is labeled an eccentric.

In a damaged world a truly high-functioning human is not only vastly misunderstood. They are seen as broken or a misfit. See, the job of society is to get you to fit in and never stand out. The main aim of our culture is to produce factory workers who think like the herd, behave like the crowd and smother the fire for outright greatness that is the natural birthright of every one of us.

“Don’t you dare think you can play at world-class”, they tell you. “You come from a 3rd world country”, they tell you. “It has never been done before in your lineage”, they tell you. Be not so foolish to believe you can do work that wows, have health that soars and a life that allows you to feel alive. And make history in your own unique way not what society tells you.

Nope, this society we are in wants you to:

1 –Stay on that phone, enslaved.

2 –Numb out those feelings.

3 –Block those brave thoughts.

4 –Stifle the big ideas that would allow you to own your industry and sphere.

5 –Dismiss your instincts to choose mastery over mediocrity of your craft.

6 –Close that heart that longs to open and connect.

7 –Miss the breezes, avoid the magical moments, starry nights, simple food beautifully prepared, children laughing in a playground, a wise book that stirs your soul, music that makes you want to jump like you were 5 again.

8 –And definitely, don’t talk to strangers.

This is the world that we are in now, where the need to fit in is greater than the need to stand out. Now I need you to understand this, I’ve never said I was a guru at this. Never. No interest in that. No need for you to applaud me, appreciate me or elevate me. I have my talents. And I have my flaws. I have my precious hopes for the future and carry the scars of my past cuts. Very imperfect. Just a man. Trying to be a light.

I love the line that says: everyone seems normal—until you get to know them. All I’m saying in this message is this, the things that make you a misfit in the eyes of the majority are the very things that make you special and great, beautiful and a standout. These are your gifts.

Maybe today, you and I will start honouring how we’re built. Celebrating what makes us who we are. And cherishing our personal wiring. George Bernard Shaw made the point so much more brilliantly than I can in this moment:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

In 2019, if you are to have what very few have you need to do what very few do. By these words I mean that to experience the rewards of the top .001% of producers on the planet, think Mandela, Gandhi, Musk, Branson, Serena, Messi, Da Vinci, Basquiat, Dangote, Masiyiwa—and that legendary Starbucks barista at the Melbourne airport named Alya who utterly models possibility, you need to get super-cool with being an outcast. And this is because every visionary is first ridiculed before they become revered.

So if you want your next year to be different I also strongly encourage you to let go of all your excuses and make the choice that will beautifully and swiftly elevate the rest of your life according to the purpose within you. There is only one you, and only you can do things the way that you do. So go out there and be unapologetically YOU.

If this post validates the way you would really love to start living and if you feel you’re finally ready to express your gifts, declare victory over your fears, feel extraordinarily happy, strong, peaceful and rise to a way of being that’s world-class then share with us your story in the comments section. We would love to hear it and cheer you on.