The Marathon Continues

“Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall.” – Nipsey Hussle

The marathon continues… Top of the Top… Victory Lap… Crenshaw… King Nipsey

In the past few weeks, the phrase above and one name have dominated the internet and entertainment news. Nipsey Hussle.
I shall not get into much detail about him but his life and death has caused many conspiracy theories. From big pharma assassinations, Illuminati sacrifices and gang-related violence.
For me, the rabbit-hole led me to research about his life and community activism and what I found out was amazing. You can read about some of it here.

I believe we are all born into genius. You’ve been built to amaze. And you’re designed to make history. The only problem is, do YOU know it and are you willing to do it.
It all comes down to discovering your “Why”, reconnecting with your purpose and radiating your passion. I know this sounds simple, it should be but is it really? While I was reading about Nispey I found out he was big on personal development. Most of his conversation was him talking about a book he was reading, a new habit he was instilling or a better routine he was working on. Because of this those around recognized him for his mastery, celebrated his acumen and praised his excellence.

I’m about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen. Click To Tweet

He was fresh and brave, he would befriend a stranger, deliver hope to the hopeless and model decency. This came about only after he turned pain into power, fear into fortune and confusion into clarity. We are often victims of the world in general but it takes you working to let go of your past, rewire your present and rewrite your future.

You need to get to that point where you release your excuses, shatter your doubts and break free of your chains. What happens after this process is you open yourself to set larger goals, take bigger risks and go to your limits.
I believe personal development is the only way you will experience true gratitude, speak real appreciation and feel sincere happiness. Regardless of how people perceived Nipsey, he was all right with himself. He was quoted saying “I’m at peace with what I’m doing, I feel good with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle.” You need to get to that point where you do not need anyone’s approval to be you.

I bet if you ask any person that knew Nipsey on a personal level they would safely tell you how he showed uncommon kindness, was a giver, not a taker and left people better than they found them. This can be your legacy too, it can be your story. But the question is do you have the hunger to survive the principle of discipline so that you do not suffer the pain of regret? As a father, entertainer, entrepreneur and activist I learned so much from Nipsey. Was he perfect? I have no idea, but what he did teach through his very short life is that there is more joy in mastering yourself and pouring out yourself for the benefit of others.

But in this time of deep uncertainty – where so many people live in fear – we all need to do everything possible to avoid negativity. To stay focused on opportunities versus problems. To keep our minds nice and free. Click To Tweet

I challenge you to discover you. For you to take that risk, finish that book, close that deal, push that boundary. Leave behind a story for people to tell about how you lived life and make it a positive one.

Borrowing from Morpheus in The Matrix here’s an interesting thought on how to live YOUR life. But in this time of deep uncertainty – where so many people live in fear – we all need to do everything possible to avoid negativity. To stay focused on opportunities versus problems. To keep our minds nice and free.

May I suggest you limit the amount of adverse news you expose the precious resource of your mind to. Surround yourself with inspired and upbeat people. Read great books. Think beautiful thoughts. Listen to uplifting music. Seek only positive energy.

During any challenging life cycle, commit even more fully to daily learning. In our everyday lives, there are lessons to make us better. The best in business – and in life – viscerally get that the best thinkers get the best results. So they invest in ideas and personal development. Because the more you grow as a person, the more you will grow in success. Though Nipsey Hussle is gone, millions will uphold his legacy forever.

What will your story be?