Product Of Your Environment


“You can’t solve a problem if you tackle it at the same level that it is. You need to migrate to a higher thinking.” – Mansfield Mukuchamano


Most people struggle to reach their goals because they don’t assess their surroundings and because they don’t ask, “Are my surroundings helping me to stay on the path that leads to my goal?” If it is not, then something needs to be done about it. The constant influence of our surroundings shapes our minds and, hence, our behavioural patterns. For example, if we surround ourselves with angry and stressed people all day, it is harder to be calm and peaceful. The people around us can uplift us or bring us down, and so can the environment or things around us. A messy and cluttered house is not uplifting. It congests energy and makes it hard to think, to be creative and uplifted.

Your goal defines the path and the path defines the environment. Let me elaborate on this, the first step is to figure out the goal, then comes outlining a clear systematic path that leads to that goal. Once this is done, you need to establish your surroundings. Our surroundings are the people, things and the environment we surround ourselves with, and these people and things play a huge role in shaping who we are. Establishing the right surroundings is crucial in helping us stay on the path that leads us to our goal. Everything begins in the mental sphere first before it manifests in the physical sphere. You think to yourself “I would like to have a pizza” first then you get up and go and get yourself some pizza. But it began in your mind with a thought. Each thought has a picture, sound and colour associated with it.

A prolonged concentration on a thought eventually brings it into manifestation on the physical sphere. The longer you think about wanting pizza the stronger the thought form becomes. As the thought form becomes stronger you start to speak it out loud. You may express this intention to yourself or someone by saying “I feel like having pizza”. As you think more about this and hence put more energy into the thought form you will start to manifest it in the physical sphere. Now at some point, you will stand up and say “I’m going to go and get myself some pizza”.

At this stage, you have sent a signal into the atmosphere that your desire or your goal is to eat pizza so the environment begins to manifest your path to that goal. Now watch this, if you are in a remote village where you can’t dial a delivery from Dominos then this means that you need to SHIFT to a place where this is possible otherwise you are not going to realise your goal. You may have been stuck in an environment that you are not growing in or being fruitful, the only way is OUT.

You have to make a conscious decision to take your goal on a path that will see it fulfilled. It may come down to changing friends, changing neighbourhoods, changing jobs or your profession but whatever it comes down to the decision you have to make is to change your environment. This needs to be a very intentional decision because it means breaking out of familiar territory into spaces you are not familiar with. This might be very uncomfortable for a lot of people but as cliche, as this may sound your goals are on the other side of your comfort zone.

Let us know in the comments section how you positively changed your environment and how that is going for you. We would love to hear about your new exciting journey.