Fear Is Not Your Weakness, Embrace It

“My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one’s purpose, how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than one’s self” –  Coretta Scott King

I don’t know about you but every day I am hearing people say “I know” when you discuss steps that they could take or a habit that could be overcome that would make their life more balanced. But we really need to listen to the words we say. When we say “I know” we signal the brain to shut down, as it believes that we are well acquainted and equipped with the experience or advice that is being discussed. In doing so we close ourselves off from vital information that would help propel us forward to a future that supports and expands our hopes and dreams. – To know – and not to do – is not to know.

We all have so much theory but it can only become a reality if we live it and this requires courage. Most people know this and that is the very reason they become disheartened and feel they can’t achieve it because they have so many fears around whatever it is they feel they have to do to achieve their purpose. But let me share a secret with you : Fear is the essential ingredient – without fear you will never acquire courage- they are the essential polarities.

Are you theorising about your life or are you taking ACTION? Taking “Action” is the way through fear- it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t all go according to plan, the essential thing is that you took a leap of faith and each time you do you start to move vibrationally.

The most important action you can take is to create a Personal Vision Statement.

Your personal vision statement guides your life by providing the direction necessary to guide the course of your days and the choices you make. It is the essential ingredient to creating your day so that you are in control of your destiny and not blown off course by the winds of apathy. Your personal vision statement should be inspiring enough to move you forward even though it brings up fears – this is the very result you want because by bringing up your fears you can address them. Many of these fears reside deep within the subconscious mind and they create emotions that cause you to stay stuck at the same vibrational pattern.

These subconscious thoughts are what create neural pathways in your brain. If you don’t bring them into the light you will always sabotage what you are trying to create. “Fear Is Stronger Than Love, Remember That…” This is what I understood from the words of Tupac Shakur above, we might have a passion for life but what actually motivates us is the fear of not experiencing the life we are passionate about – let that sink in.

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What I mean is this, we are afraid of being lonely so we end up in toxic relationships, we fear to be poor so we work in jobs that don’t fulfil us, we fear rejection so we tolerate mediocrity and justify abuse. But if we actually address our fears we open up ourselves to a world of potential. If we address why we don’t want to be lonely we will begin to see who really deserves to be in our lives, if we address poverty we will see why we need to create avenues that sustain not just us as individuals but globally impact everyone.

So let’s get creating and celebrate when the fears surface because with a little bit of work and the right strategy your greatest weakness can become your greatest strength. Your deepest fear could be your access to your purpose, that one thing that will make you change the world. We would love you to share with us what your vision is and would be interested to know what fears may have surfaced as you first decided on your vision.

Looking forward to your comments.