Find Your Purpose

Musicians must make music, artists must paint, poets must write if they are ultimately to be at peace with themselves. What humans can be, they must be.” ―Abraham Maslow

I once heard it that finding purpose in life is like Charlie Bucket looking for a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. He was hopeful, but also aware of how little chance there was that they would be heading anywhere other than back to their current unfulfilling life. 

What nobody told Charlie was that he had really been chosen to receive his ticket and was destined to inherit the factory as a reward for being HIMSELF

What nobody tells you about finding your purpose is that you’re already doing it.

Finding purpose is a natural, life-long, developmental process that will never be a “fill-in-the-blank” kind of question that it is often made out to be. Many people approach their purpose like they approach a career day in high school. We look at the different options that have been placed in front of us. Like careers, relationships, opportunities, etc, expectantly waiting for the lightbulb moment that tells them “it is this way!” Inevitably, we are discouraged when this doesn’t happen. What nobody tells you about finding your purpose is that there isn’t one right answer to stumble across. 

Your purpose is a result of 3 things in your life. It is about the small stuff, the things that come naturally to you and the things that you love.

Don’t be the Charlie who resigns himself to a grey life because his first chocolate bar didn’t hold that golden ticket. Be the Charlie who buys another and who braves the factory of the wild and mad Wonka. Your purpose doesn’t have one manifestation, and it won’t walk up to you wearing an “I’m your life purpose” t-shirt. 

If you feel discouraged and like you just don’t have a life purpose, I invite you to reconsider. 

We are made to live our life purpose. There are no mistakes. Our life purpose is made for us and we are made for it and the union is seamless . Click To Tweet

This list will help you look in a new direction, with a new perspective, rather than settling for what life hands you. Find out how to discover your life mission and free yourself to actually find it and walk in it.


  • It starts with the small stuff: 

If you want to be serious about finding your purpose, start by noticing what you like and how you like doing things. Nothing is too small. How do you approach making breakfast? What do you do in your free time? All of the little things you do give you clues that will collectively help you see your life purpose.

  • It’s all about what you love: 

What we love, the way we love it, and the frustrations that we experience in relation to what we love all help us recognise our life purpose. If you have an affinity for the arts, comic books, or snails, listen! There is some echo of your life purpose in the things that you are drawn toward.

  • You most likely do it naturally: 

We are made to live our life purpose. There are no mistakes. Our life purpose is made for us and we are made for it and the union is seamless. You have everything that you need in terms of aptitude to fulfil your life purpose. You might need to learn some skills along the way, but you have the basics, realised or unrealised, to make it happen. It is part of your DNA. 

  • It is not always a career: 

Your life purpose is not always about your career. It is helpful to think about how you can live your life purpose across all areas in your life (including your career), but do not limit yourself to it. Be open to the many ways that your purpose can manifest across your life, and you will be more likely to live it. I know of people who left lucrative careers to pursue dancing or playing sport. 

  • You have your whole life to figure it out: 

Oops, did I say that out loud? Finding your purpose is as much an approach to life as it is a destination. It is to see your life as a piece of artwork and to hone and develop it from start to finish. May you be questing after it in your final days in the same way you will be learning to love more completely.

  • You are already underway: 

Even if you do not have the slightest idea what your purpose is, you are already underway. Just asking the question implies a certain amount of progress. You do not need to be aware of your steps toward your life purpose for them to count. The fact that you have something to wake up to or to look forward to means you are on track to finding your purpose. 

It may not be popular but it is yours. Do not be swayed to follow trends, to fit in or to dummy down to accomodate the space around you. Be unapologetically you. 

The Dalai Lama summed it up as this “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road doesn’t mean they have gotten lost”. Your path is unique to you and it is so because only you can walk it. 

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